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# ASP.NET Boilerplate

Build status

What is ABP?

ASP.NET Boilerplate is a general purpose application framework especially designed for new modern web applications. It uses already familiar tools and implements best practices arround them to provide you a SOLID development experience.

Modular Design

Designed as modular and extensible. Provides infrastructure to build your own modules too.

Multi Tenancy

SaaS applications made easy! Integrated multi-tenancy from database to UI.

Well Documented

Compherensive documentation and jump start tutorials.

How It Works

Don't Repeat Yourself! ASP.NET Boilerplate automates common software development tasks by convention. You focus your business code.

ASP.NET Boilerplate

See introduction document for details.

Layered Architecture

ABP provides a layered architectural model based on Domain Driven Design. Provides a SOLID model for your application.

NLayer Architecture

See NLayer Architecture document for details.

Nuget Packages

ASP.NET Boilerplate is distributed as nuget packages.

Package Status
Abp NuGet version
Abp.AspNetCore NuGet version
Abp.Web.Common NuGet version
Abp.Web NuGet version
Abp.Web.Mvc NuGet version
Abp.Web.Api NuGet version
Abp.Web.Api.OData NuGet version
Abp.Web.Resources NuGet version
Abp.Web.SignalR NuGet version
Abp.Owin NuGet version
Abp.EntityFramework.Common NuGet version
Abp.EntityFramework NuGet version
Abp.EntityFramework.GraphDiff NuGet version
Abp.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet version
Abp.NHibernate NuGet version
Abp.Dapper NuGet version
Abp.FluentMigrator NuGet version
Abp.AspNetCore NuGet version
Abp.AspNetCore.SignalR NuGet version
Abp.AutoMapper NuGet version
Abp.HangFire NuGet version
Abp.HangFire.AspNetCore NuGet version
Abp.Castle.Log4Net NuGet version
Abp.RedisCache NuGet version
Abp.RedisCache.ProtoBuf NuGet version
Abp.MailKit NuGet version
Abp.Quartz NuGet version
Abp.TestBase NuGet version
Abp.AspNetCore.TestBase NuGet version

Module Zero

What is 'module zero'?

This is an ASP.NET Boilerplate module integrated to Microsoft ASP.NET Identity.

Implements abstract concepts of ASP.NET Boilerplate framework:

Also adds common enterprise application features:

Module zero packages defines entities and implements base domain logic for these concepts.

Nuget Packages

ASP.NET Core Identity Packages

Packages integrated to ASP.NET Core Identity and Identity Server 4 (supports .net standard).

Package Status
Abp.ZeroCore NuGet version
Abp.ZeroCore.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet version
Abp.ZeroCore.IdentityServer4 NuGet version
Abp.ZeroCore.IdentityServer4.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet version

ASP.NET Identity Packages

Packages integrated to ASP.NET Identity 2.x.

Package Status
Abp.Zero NuGet version
Abp.Zero.Owin NuGet version
Abp.Zero.AspNetCore NuGet version
Abp.Zero.EntityFramework NuGet version

Shared Packages

Shared packages between Abp.ZeroCore.* and Abp.Zero.* packages.

Package Status
Abp.Zero.Common NuGet version
Abp.Zero.Ldap NuGet version

Startup Templates

You can create your project from startup templates to easily start with module zero:

A screenshot from ASP.NET Core based startup template: